Oral Health 2020 Concept Form

Oral Health 2020 Concept Form

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Oral Health 2020 Vision

To eradicate dental disease in children, and improve oral health across the lifespan.

Oral Health 2020 Concept

DentaQuest Foundation’s Oral Health 2020 investments are structured around the realization of a vision for improved oral health: “to eradicate dental disease in children and improve oral health across the lifespan.” By pursuing a set of shared goals with specific targets through partnerships with oral health stakeholders across the country, this unified approach is designed to create lasting systems changes through the power of collective action. These investments will connect, organize, and mobilize oral health leaders at the local, state, regional, and national levels around the achievement of the shared goals for oral health improvement across the lifespan, ultimately reshaping public policy and creating a new social norm in this country about what it means to be healthy.